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"Impressions from Our Lord"

Aug, 31, 2010

Today I refer to the first three verses of Scripture to demonstrate what our aim should be in developing our prayer life. In verse three God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God in essence answered his own prayer. There was not light before he prayed. After he prayed, there was light. This was in fact a prayer, as someone was speaking to God, who was listening, and who answered. Remember, there were three present, Father, Son & Holy Spirit. One spoke, one listened, one acted. We’ll never likely possess this same degree of authority in our own prayers (whether we will in heaven, I do not know), but it ought to be our aim. And so we pray, “Lord, help us daily to exercise our faith muscle, which is prayer, such that our faith, which today is a mustard seed, may one day move mountains.”

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Activity: Using Perl, which is a very useful computer programming language, I wrote a small program that serves as an easy-to-use tool that I can use to automatically update this “Daily” online, and at the same time keep an archive of these Dailies. Soon the archive will be accessible to you by a link in these Dailies.

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