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Sometimes we all need a little help.

As a provider of personal financial services, the primary goal of 5binc is to establish a solid rapport with each client based on a demonstration of dependability & trust.

The idea of 5binc springs from two very basic principles:

1. Every adult at liberty should have a checking account.

2. Every checking account needs maintenance.

How it works

  • 5binc balances your checking account monthly.

  • 5binc determines your bills due, & flex funds needed each pay-period.

  • 5binc pays all your bills before their due dates.

  • 5binc gives you a periodic summary report, showing you what you can spend before your next payday, as well as the balances of the reserves you specify .
Click here to see a sample summary report in "Excel"

Or click here to see a sample summary report in "Word"

$25 for new client setup

$75/month covers bank reconciliation for the month, 2 summary reports & an entire month of bill pay

An additional analytical service, summarizing your spending patterns, is available for $25 per report
Getting started

First, I need to hear from you.

Please use this form to indicate your location & degree of usefulness these services are to you.

Click here to express your interest in 5binc

Barth "John" Jones