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“Stumbling Stones”

“Stumbling Stones” answers a problem I was having starting with another publication called “Barth’s Daily.” I was missing about half my audience because I could not address them with my Dailies, as half the people I know are not necessarily Christian. “Barth’s Daily” attempts two things: to share faith among Christians and to inform people about the business of “5binc.” The ultimate purpose of “5binc” is to put the “lion’s share” of company income to work for the public good, as an example of the better purpose of business in general. “Stumbling Stones” is an attempt to answer many of the questions and obstacles many people have when considering the Christian faith, and in the process to inform people about the business and vision of “5binc.” I hope to open up doors to faith and to service.

“Stumbling Stones” is posted weekly, before or during the weekend, for the following week.
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